In classrooms such as these, they learn their first words, acquire the first guidelines for coexistence and advance in their personal autonomy. That is why its furniture is flexible and adaptable, so that groups and independent and differentiated work areas can be created.

Colours and shapes
for the little ones.

Children’s school furniture is like children’s education: fun, varied and entertaining. Spaces full of shapes and colours that help the development of the youngest children, that promote their emotional, social and intellectual growth.


Chair made entirely from polypropylene. Designed to promote good posture. Stackable up to 12 units. Robust, antistatic, 100% recyclable and easy to clean chair. Patented and exclusive distribution with 20 years guarantee.


Chairs, tables and storage options designed and manufactured specifically to meet the needs of size, comfort, quality and safety required by the Infant and Primary education cycles.


Table with castors and hinged top. Ideal for dining rooms, multipurpose rooms, etc.


Postura+ Chair

One of the products in this collection of children’s school furniture is the Postura+ chair, a European benchmark, distributed exclusively in Spain by Federico Giner. It is a robust, antistatic and easy-to-clean chair that is available in 15 different colours. With a twenty-year guarantee, this chair is perfect for the youngest children and is available in different sizes to adapt to their growth.

Order accelerates creativity

The little ones need to learn and play, but they also need to tidy up. Mobile and transportable trays, boxes and cupboards on wheels make up a wide variety of children’s school storage furniture to keep their favourite stories organised and also all the educational material necessary to promote learning.

In addition, the breadth of our school furniture catalogue, and its adaptability to the different ages of pupils, allows us to maintain homogeneity in terms of furniture and aesthetics between the Infant and Primary stages, facilitating a transition that is crucial in the intellectual and emotional development of children.

Cupboard AMN 311

Made of chipboard, 19 mm thick, covered with melamine paper. Edges covered in 3 mm P.V.C. All frame joints are glued with 10 x 35 mm dowels.


Cupboard AMN 306

Made of chipboard, 19 mm thick, covered with melamine paper. Edges covered in P.V.C. of 3 mm.


Well-being in the classroom is key to learning

Warm, quality children’s school furniture, which favours continuity of atmosphere in the classroom and a sense of familiarity, such as FG’s, helps pupils to return every September to new classrooms, but with a familiar aesthetic, in which they can feel comfortable and open to learning.

Aware that designing and creating products for future generations is a responsibility, at FG we set and continually review our quality, design and durability targets to ensure that all students enjoy learning with first class furniture.


Chambo's convex base moves this seat in all directions, yet with great stability. The polypropylene base is highly stable yet lightweight, making it easily transportable and easy to maintain.